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Butcher Block Garage WorkbenchEbony Star Garage WorkbenchStainless Steel Garage WorkbenchEbony Star Garage Workbench

Handcrafted Garage Workbenches and Custom Countertops finish your garage makeover project

Our countertops are perfect when attached to one of our custom workbenches. When paired with garage cabinets and garage shelving units, our workbenches offer a great place to get your favorite garage hobbies complete with all your tools at hand and organized.

Butcher Block Workbench Top Sample

Butcher Block

Our butcher block natural wood countertops are strong, durable and look great for a workbench. Butcher block was made for chopping, cutting and hammering upon, so you can rest assured that this countertop can take a beating.

Ebony Star Workbench Top Sample

Ebony Star

This laminate material with rounded edges is extra thick and made for easy maintenance.

Stainless Steel Workbench Top Sample

Stainless Steel

Sleek and modern stainless steel workbench countertops are great because they do not stain, due to the non-porous material. Our stainless steel countertops look fantastic when paired with powder coated garage cabinets! All of your neighbors will be impressed with your custom garage workbench!

We Will Design, Measure and Fit Your Garage with the Perfect Size Workbench

Our workbenches are completely customizable to fit within your garage space. Once you have all your cabinets, shelves and slatwall systems installed, you will be wanting to spend time working on your projects in the garage. Northland’s workbenches provide the perfect space to complete projects and our custom countertops give your workbench a finished look that is unique to your style.

Click here to start designing your garage workbench to match your garage cabinets and shelves!