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Customizable Garage Shelves and Storage Racks

Your garage is an extension of your home and should be getting just as much use as the rest of your living space. Home garages are oftentimes the biggest storage area people have and with the right organization system in place, your garage can be completely usable for activities, rather than serving as a hideaway space.  We design and build shelves and racks for your garage to match up with your garage storage needs.

Garage Shelves and Racks Paired with Slatwall and Gridwall Installations Are Perfect for Matching Your Unique Garage Needs

We offer garage shelves that can fit right onto your garage wall, as well as shelves and racks that can be installed on a gridwall or slatwall system. Our gridwall and slatwall installations can hold shelves, bins, baskets, bicycles and racks of all sorts.

Off the Garage Floor and On To Custom Shelves and Racks!

Getting all your tools organized is easy and with our garage shelves and racks that are specifically designated for storing unique items, you can get everything off the garage floor and make more space for your hobbies! Our garage shelf, rack and slatwall accessories include:

  • Sports Accessory Racks

  • Hooks for Cables, Hoses, Wires, etc.

  • Recycling Bins

  • Storage Bins

  • Tool Racks

  • Tilt-Open Bins

  • Long and Short Toolbars

  • Horizontal Bike Racks

  • J-Hooks

  • Baskets

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