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Upward Thinking for Your Custom Garage with Northland’s Overhead Storage Systems

As homeowners with garage storage, most of us forget that we have storage space other than the garage floor, garage cabinets and shelves. We have an entire space above our heads that is perfect for storing items that are not used on a frequent basis. No, we are not talking about the attic, we are talking about our awesome overhead storage racks!

Overhead storage racks are a necessity in keeping an organized garage that has a place for everything.  Nobody likes crawling up into the attic when looking for seasonal items or a pair of hockey skate that are only used a few times a year. Overhead storage in your garage provide the perfect solution for big bins, boxes and heavy items that are bulky!

Custom Garage Storage Works Best With Our Overhead Storage Solutions!

Our overhead storage racks have the highest weight bearing capacity in the garage storage industry. We take pride in the fact that our overhead racks are strong, durable and versatile for your storage needs.

Overhead storage benefits include:

  • Keep your storage items safe from flooding, environmental issues and pests.

  • Keep big bins, boxes and even seasonal items up high, yet still in an easily accessible space.

  • Our 10-gauge steel tracks for mounting overhead storage are extremely strong and can hold your heaviest of storage items

  • Allows you the ability to label, identify and easily reach your belongings that you don’t se on an everyday basis.

Find out how you can outfit your custom garage with overhead storage racks and get started on your garage design now! Click Here