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Windswept Bronze Metallic Garage CabinetsWindswept Pewter Metallic Garage CabinetsWindswept Bronze Metallic Garage CabinetsWindswept Pewter Metallic Garage CabinetsWindswept Pewter Metallic Garage Cabinets

Bold, Tough and Functional Metallic Finished Cabinets.

Our metallic coated garage cabinets are constructed with 3/4" thermofused melamine that offers easy maintenance, durability and functional storage that lasts. The cabinets are strong and the metallic finish creates a bold look in your garage that is perfect if you're trying to enhance the your garage with updated materials. Metallic finishes have an edgy look and come in two beautiful colors: windswept bronze and windswept pewter.

Windswept Bronze Finish Sample

Windswept Bronze

Beautiful bronze finished cabinets are edgy and bold. The perfect addition to your custom garage for complete storage and organization.

Windswept Pewter Finish Sample

Windswept Pewter

Windswept peweter garage cabinets are one of the coolest looks you can apply in your garage. The sleek undertones of silver in the windswept pewter cabinets add style to your custom garage.

Metallic Shine and Functional Design!

For high functionality and high shine, metallic finished cabinets are the choice for your garage. With our help you can have the best of garage cabinets. We can install them after our one on one design process and consultation. With our 3D imaging you will know exactly what you're getting before we ever hammer in the first nail. 

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