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Defining and Creating Innovative Custom Closets Tips

Defining and Creating Innovative Custom Closets Tips

For closets, innovation refers to the design for user-friendliness and optimization of the space to not only be functional but to enhance other areas at the same time. In other words - in addition to just using a closet to store your clothes (such as just having a hole in the wall with a rod and shelves up top), you can be creative in HOW you organize your clothes and how to stylize it to make a visual impact, and thus, evoking a natural sense of peace and calmness.

Some refer to this feeling as Feng Shui or Zen. Although Feng Shui refers to a system of “laws” considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), the end result is still innately desirable for all of us - to be relaxed. After all, if there’s a space that’s most important to evoke peace and relaxation, it should be where you spend 1/3 of your life resting - the bedroom.

Innovation has been the driving force for the advancement of humanity, although some are for the better and some are for the worse. In relation to an innovative closet and cabinet design, it’s important to consider a closet organization system that enhances both functionality and peace-of-mind.

Before starting the closet innovation process, be sure to get organized first. Space Envy from Boise, ID shares 3 top home organization tips that will help you develop essential habits to keep you consistent. 

Factors for Innovative Cabinet & Custom Closet Design

Before designing an innovative closet and decide where to place the cabinets, there are several factors to consider.

  • Closet size
  • Who you will be sharing this space with
  • Categories of clothing you possess
  • Inventory of accessories 
  • Most frequently used items
  • How tall you are
  • Color scheme and decor of your room

All of these elements will affect how you design your custom closet and cabinets. With a smaller space, you can be innovative by utilizing accessory organizers for items such as jewelry inserts, belt and tie racks, door hamper (in place of a cabinet), pants rack and even a folding iron board attachment. Custom closet and cabinet innovation is about creating solutions to problems with the least amount of sacrifice in other areas. Whereas the instinct may be to find ways to shove more items in the closet, consider accessibility, user-friendliness, intuitiveness of design, and overall look and feel.

If you compare how common closets look like, there is usually a pile of items on the floor and one shelf on the top with piles of items. But what if you can better utilize those spaces? What if you don't need or want all the hanging space for your clothes? Well, to get a complete innovative solution, you need a complete makeover - that includes a mixture of open shelves, drawers, and cabinets. 

Starting Your Innovative Closet Design

Assuming that you have decluttered your closet and minimized your inventory (separated your selling, keeping and donating), start your general design by determining what clothing you'd like to hang. If you have a lot to hang, consider having two hanging rods above one another to maximize that space. If you have too many pants that you don't want to squeeze in a drawer, use a pants rack for easy accessibility, compact organization, and a wrinkle-free solution. 

After choosing which clothes to hang, the rest of your clothes will need a home which will usually be in drawers and cabinets. Then determine how many you need. For smaller storage items for the bedroom, put closed cabinets up top so it's out of the way and not seen. If you have larger items that don't fit in a cabinet, ask yourself if they need to be in the bedroom. Is there a better space to store them such as in your garage or hall closet? 

After deciding how much hanging space you need and getting the bulkier storage items out the way, you're now left with how you want to store your accessories and you'll get an idea of how much space you have left in your particular closet size. If you find that you're a bit short on space, closet accessories are your friends! If you have extra space (which is more than likely), then think of other items you may want to store there such as shoes, handbags, hamper, and decoration.


As you can see, having innovative closets and cabinets doesn't require anything technical or complex. It involves downsizing your closet inventory, categorizing your clothes and accessories and taking the time to plan. The best part is that you don't have to be an expert to have a professional quality design. If you are in or near the Grand Rapids, MN area, we at Northland Custom Closets & Garage can help you Design your Innovative & Custom Closet for Free.