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How to Tell If You’re Hiring the Right Closet Company

How to Tell If You’re Hiring the Right Closet Company

You’ve decided it’s time to invest in a custom closet: you’ve been budgeting, you’ve listed all of the features that you want, and you’re ready for a consultation with a closet company you’ve found. Question is, how do you know they’re going to be fit to handle your job? Not every company on the market has your needs as the consumer as their priority, and not all are competent. So how do you know if you’re choosing a quality company, or getting ripped off? We’ve come up with a list of questions you should be asking when you’re going through choosing a company.

Is the closet consultant addressing all of your needs?

This first consideration is a pretty common sense one- when you’re going through the consultation, are they working with you to design a closet that will fit all of your needs? Is the closet consultant trying to sell you a premade closet design? If so, this isn’t a good sign. You’re paying for a custom closet- one that will be specially created to fit all of your needs. If they’re trying to sell you a premade closet layout before hearing your needs, how can they be putting your needs first? This is a sign that the company cares more about the money than providing you with what you need. If that’s how the consultant works with you, you shouldn’t be choosing their closet company.

Can the closet consultant answer every question that you have?

This question will help you tell if the closet consultant is competent enough for your project. When you’re going through the consultation, is the consultant able to answer the questions and concerns you have immediately? Do they have to call their boss, or “get back to you” on your concerns? If they’re selling closets to you, they should be knowledgeable and proficient in handling all of your questions regarding your custom closet. If they can’t answer the questions, can you really trust them to create a quality custom closet? You’re paying for a quality custom built closet by experts- if these people don’t seem like experts, you probably shouldn’t be trusting them with your project.

Can the closet consultant provide you with a computer rendering of your closet?

Back in the day, they may have had to use a ruler and graph paper to sketch out the layout of your custom closet; that isn’t the case in 2015. The quality closet companies of today use software to generate a 3D rendering of your closet layout, so you can see what it will look like. If the closet consultant is still sketching out layouts, you should be take this as a bad sign. This means the company isn’t up to date on their practices. Plus, a 3D rendering will help you to better picture what your closet layout will be like, so you can tell if it works for you. Why compromise on this and hire an outdated and less-than-quality closet company?

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