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Organizational Tips for Garage Cabinets and Workbenches

Organizational Tips for Garage Cabinets and Workbenches

When it comes to an efficient and optimized garage organization system, some planning is necessary. Without it, you may lose countless hours just to have a garage that will eventually be full of clutter waiting to be organized yet again.

The best solution is to discipline yourself to spend just a little bit more time and resources first to ensure that you will never encounter disorganization in your garage again. Let's get started.

Essential Considerations Before Installing Garage Cabinets & Workbenches

Although one can certainly create or purchase garage cabinets and workbenches right away, here are essential considerations to ensure you're creating an organization system that is both functional and satisfying in the long term. 

After a garage cleanout, what categories of items will you have?

The amount of items you have will help determine how many cabinets you may need, but be sure to clean out your garage first. If you have larger items that you don't use often, overhead racks may be necessary to maximize your garage space and store items that won't fit in your cabinets. 


How much space is available for garage cabinets and workbenches?

Knowing how much space you have can give you a bird's eye view of what installations may be possible and what are not. As an added tip, this may be easier to visualize after you have a Garage Cleanout or even have a pencil sketch of the layout of your garage on paper. 


What type of workflow do you (desire to) have?

If you're a handyman, DIYer, or just want to have counter space in your garage, then consider where you'd like to install a garage workbench. 

Using Garage Cabinets & Workbenches Improve Organization

Most garages don't utilize the vertical spaces to create an extraordinary amount of extra storage space. If have lots of items, consider having cabinets that extend the full height to the ceiling. Also, consider the cabinet width - Narrow or wide? That will depend on the size of your items and storage containers.

If you want a workbench, have your drawers underneath for easy access to your tools and smaller items. If you have slatwalls or gridwalls installed, use racks to hold your commonly used tools. Make sure the creation of the workbench has your future tasks in mind (open on one side, either side, or enclosed in between taller cabinets).


As you can tell, garage organization can be as complex or as simple as you'd like to make it. For some, designing a garage organization system can seem like a simple task. For most, the project can be overwhelming.

The best advice is to seek a professional to get design ideas since there are usually unforeseen options that will be a win-win for you. After all, why NOT have your dream garage? Some say it increases happiness =)

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