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Custom Garage Organization Systems For Max Efficiency.

Custom Garage Organization Systems For Max Efficiency.

The garage is the most important part of your home when it comes to organization. Although some homeowners won’t even consider it in terms of square footage of the home, the garage can be optimized for maximum storage and in turn, be more functional than most other rooms.


In this article, we will go through each custom garage organization system that we carry at Northland Custom Closet and Garage. From the top down, we will cover each system such as overhead storage, epoxy flooring, cabinets, workbenches and more.


Overhead Storage: 

Think about all the different items that you only use once a year. Whether they’re holiday ornaments, sportswear equipment or extra tools overhead storage, overhead storage is a great way to keep them organized and out of your way for the time being. Optimize this process by labeling large tubs for the overhead storage section of your home.


Garage Workbenches:

If you are a carpenter or a handyman, or if you simply need an extra place to put your electronics a workbench opens your garage to more possibilities. The flat top installed near an outlet will provide you with additional space to pursue your passions. The workbench is also a place to put any ready-to-go items for your way to work.


Gridwall & Slatwall: 

Gridwall and slatwall organization systems are a type of storage addition that can be installed on the entire wall. Gridwall, as it is stated, is a grid-like storage method that provides vertical and horizontal storage solutions. You can attach specific organizers how you please, which can then be used to store different tools and items at your pleasure. Slatwall can cover every square foot of your wall if needed. Using gridwall and slatwall organizers is the only way to get everything off of your floor.



Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinets:

Wall-Mounted garage cabinets are not only a great way to organize your garage space, garage cabinets that are mounted will make it easy to clean under very easily. The fact that they are mounted means that there will be no space in between the cabinet and the wall so you don't have to worry about dust accumulation or rodents hiding behind it. Garage Cabinets are the most important organizational system for a custom garage.


Custom Epoxy Garage Flooring:

Although this section does not apply to storage itself, there is some practicality to consider when deciding on your garage flooring. An epoxy garage flooring installation will give your garage a very luxurious look.  Some functional benefits of epoxy garage flooring is that it is stain resistant as well as far more difficult to crack throughout the weather.

The customizability of your garage can be infinite so if you are having a trouble designing and deciding on your custom garage, contact us through our service page and set up a free consultation as well as an in home design.