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Finding Hidden Space in Your Small Custom Closet System

Finding Hidden Space in Your Small Custom Closet System

Your custom closet system may seem unmanageable because it’s so small. You can’t make the closet bigger – does that mean you’re stuck with limited space?

It doesn’t. There may be hidden space you could find in your small custom closet system if you know how to find and use it.

Take a look at these strategies for finding hidden closet space and putting it to work for you:

  • Move the Clothing Rods Up

  • Store Folded Clothes Vertically

  • Position a Mannequin Near the Closet

  • Take the Doors Off

Keep reading to find the best ways to free up closet space, even in narrow or shallow closets. 

Move the Clothing Rods Up

Consider moving the clothing rods in your closet up. You still want to be able to reach them, but if they’re higher, you’ll have more room to store other items underneath. You could stack shoe boxes in that space or fill baskets with folded clothes or accessories. 

Alternatively, you could install a second rod underneath the first one. This is a good idea if you have a lot of hanging clothes and not enough room. Use the lower rod for items that aren’t going to brush the floor – longer tops will need to be on the top rod.

Store Folded Clothes Vertically

If the problem is finding space for your folded clothes, how you fold them can make a big difference. Horizontally folded stacks may seem like the easiest way to put folded clothes away, but it’s not very efficient. Not only does this method take up more space than necessary, but stacks of clothes get disorganized easily. 

Instead, you can try folding clothes vertically, also known as the file-folding method. It allows you to store each piece standing up, so you’ll be able to see everything inside without having to dig through stacks. Another option is to roll the clothes and stand them vertically. This works for most clothing that can be folded and may be simpler than vertical folding. 

Position a Mannequin Near the Closet

If you have a small closet and some extra space in your bedroom, Displays2Go suggests standing a mannequin near the closet. Why? For one thing, a mannequin is a fun and funky decoration that will give the space some dressing room ambiance. However, that’s not the only reason. 

Do you have something large that’s taking up space in your closet, like a puffy winter coat or formal gown you don’t wear often? Get that rarely worn garment out of your way and gain a fun decoration at the same time. If space is at a premium, a mannequin is a fun way to test outfits and set out clothes for the next day.

Take the Doors Off

If you’re in need of closet space and can’t find it any other way, you may consider removing the doors. Depending on the type of closet door and the way it’s positioned, you could free up some valuable space just by getting rid of it. 

If your closet is neat and attractive, you may be okay with leaving the opening exposed. However, if it bothers you leaving the space open, you could always install a curtain across the doorway. It will cover the area but still give you the space freed up by removing the doors. 


It’s frustrating when you don’t have enough room for your clothes and accessories, but there are good ways to create more space in your custom closet system. You can try adjusting the clothing rod, changing the way you fold, adding a mannequin, and even removing the closet doors entirely.