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Grand Rapids, Minnesota Premium Custom Closets and Garage Organizers

There’s no wonder why we at Northland Closet and Garage would service the Grand Rapids area for custom closets, garage organization systems and all things home organization. Grand Rapids, Minnesota came about as a logging town because of the access that the Mississippi River provides to the bustling port town. There are approximately 4,600 households in the town and about 10,000 people.

Developing a custom closet and organization business in the Grand Rapids area has been such an amazing experience because of the people themselves. We’ve only had the pleasure of being in a couple hundred of the homes in Grand Rapids, but we must say, it’s full of the most invited and warm people in such a cold city. That is why we have decided to stay in this market as opposed to a larger population.

Get all you can out of your Grand Rapids home with our professional design process, 3-D modeling and customer service.

In the time we have been servicing Grand Rapids, and other townships within Minnesota, we have begun to truly hone in on our design process. Upon signing up for a free consultation, one of our professionals will contact you at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment to meet you and inspect the project. Once we arrive at your house, we will do our due diligence, measure and remeasure every necessary inch of your space, whether it’s just the left wall of your garage because you want garage cabinets, or your kid’s closet in order to make them get more organized.  

After that we collaborate with you, ON THE SPOT, for the fun part. Using our custom design program we can mock up 3-D renderings of what your closet or space will look like with certain organizers and design patterns. Done this way we can assure you that you are confident in the design and willing to go forward before we get into the manual labor of the installation. After the design has been confirmed, we will schedule the date of installation for shortly thereafter and gather the necessary materials.

The installation process does not take long and can be fit into even the tightest of schedules.

Now that you know a little about the design process that we have at Northland Closet and Garage, we will highlight some of the actual products we carry that will add value to your home through proper organization.

Custom Closets

Whether it’s the master bedroom’s full walk-in closet, your kid’s closet or another small closet variety, we provide custom organization systems to fit any goal. If you are considering more than one room, let us know that immediately so that we can work out a special deal for you.


Custom Garage Organizers

The garage is the most underrated room for storage in the house. With the organizers that we carry you can literally make every square foot, aside from the floor, operate as adequate storage. An example of some of the custom garage organizers that we carry would be wall-mounted garage cabinets, overhead storage systems, gridwall and slatwall organizers, and workbenches.


Laundry and Kitchen Organizers

Laundry room and kitchen pantry organizers will allow for you to optimize to of the most tedious to-dos of your week, cooking and laundry.


Home Office Solutions

The home office the most important room of the house to keep clean, organized and minimal in order to stay focus on the job at hand and gain maximum productivity. Our custom cabinets and organizers for the home office will do just that and more. A great business rule is to plan to scale, use organizers for just that.

If you are in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area, click here for a free consultation and let’s get started working together to cover all of your home organization needs.