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Zen Home Office Design Ideas

Zen Home Office Design Ideas

There are many ways to create your optimal home office design, but creating a Zen atmosphere will keep you relaxed and focused. Zen brings calmness to each of the five senses.

To create a zen home office, try some of these ideas:

  • Sense of Touch: Use an ergonomic chair and give room to stretch throughout the day
  • Sense of Sight: Pick a calming paint color, bring in beautiful art and greenery, use natural light, and declutter and organize your space
  • Sense of Smell: Use aromatherapy
  • Sense of Hearing: Listen to calming music or tones
  • Sense of Taste: Sip on a favorite beverage

Each of the above ideas will be examined in greater detail below.

Sense of Touch

Your focus, attentiveness, and mood can be decreased when uncomfortable. A calming space will support your body's need to be comfortable and active.

Ergonomic Chair

It's hard to stay clear-headed and focused when you're constantly squirming in an uncomfortable chair. An ergonomic chair allows for many adjustments, such as height, armrests, lumbar and neck support, and a padded seat. These functions will help keep your spine in ideal alignment so you don't have achy joints at the end of the workday.

Give Space to Stretch

If you sit at a desk all day, chances are you are aching to move and stretch after an hour or two. Have a small space for a yoga mat to meditate or stretch your muscles and joints several times a day. This can reduce mental and physical stress as well.

Sense of Sight

What you see has a profound effect on your temperament and focus. A beautiful and inspiring atmosphere can make all the difference in mood, both while working and afterward.

Greenery or Potted Plants

Besides bringing beauty to your home office space, potted plants have some amazing health benefits. Just a few that Psychology Today notes are increased attentiveness & productivity, "improved well-being," improved job satisfaction, and decreased blood pressure.

Paint Color

You may have heard that color affects emotions, so it should be no surprise that the color of your home office walls can affect your mood. According to the London Image Institute, brighter colors such as red, yellow, and orange are associated with excitement, passion, and big emotions. Calmer colors such as blue, green, and purple, can help you feel peaceful, relaxed, and ambitious, which lend themselves better to a Zen-like atmosphere.

Natural Light

Just like potted plants, natural light has many health benefits. Healthline adds that natural light increases Vitamin D levels, relieves seasonal affective disorder, & has a positive impact on sleep patterns. Whenever possible, let the light flood your room!

Wall Art and Decorations

Zen art is so much more than Buddhas & Chinese art! You can bring Zen to your office space with art and decorations that encourage joy, serenity, and focus.

Wall art and decorations are very person-specific. For example, bring in figurines from your childhood, photos of your grandparents, or knick-knacks from your international travels. Creating a vision or goal board can help keep you inspired in your daily work. However, avoid bringing in too many decorations or wall hangings, as these can clutter your workspace and make it harder to be productive.

Declutter and Organize

A Zen space is usually a minimalist space. Keeping your home office decluttered and organized will help maintain a peaceful atmosphere that can maximize your focus and productivity.

Sense of Smell

Using aromatherapy is another way to stay focused. There are various ways to do this, such as candles, diffuser reeds, essential oil diffusers, and more. This article from LabAroma provides suggestions for aromatherapy recipes to encourage a calming atmosphere.

Sense of Hearing

Calming music or tones is another way to bring Zen to your home office. There are many playlists on music streaming services that offer a wide variety of listening options to keep you on the right track.

Sense of Taste

Last but not least, keep yourself focused and calm by sipping on a favorite beverage. Consider switching out caffeine (which can increase anxiety) for a calming tea, or spice up your plain water with flavored water. Change up the flavors throughout the day for more variety!


Bring Zen to your home office by addressing each of your five senses through comfortable seating, inspiring artwork, natural light, aromatherapy, calming music, and a favorite beverage. Each of these additions to your home office design will help improve your mood, focus, and productivity level.


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