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Say Happy Father’s Day with A Custom Closet

Say Happy Father’s Day with A Custom Closet

It’s just about time for Father’s Day! While you might have had a great time shopping for flowers, chocolates, jewelry or a new purse for your mom, choosing something for your dad (or husband) for Father’s Day can be more of a chore? Guys tend to be low-maintenance and really, how many neckties do they need?

This year, instead of relying on the same old gifts, what about doing something different and surprising the fathers in your live with a new custom closet? At Northland Closet & Garage, we take pride in designing beautiful custom closets that will be just what your husband or father wants this June.

Why do our custom closets fit the bill for this holiday? Check out these reasons:

  • They add value to the home

    If there’s one thing your man is keenly aware of, it’s how to get the best value from any home improvement projects. Many guys would rather take extra time and spend a bit more money to make sure that anything done to the home is done right. After all, nobody wants to do anything to the house that could lower its value when the time comes to sell! Professional closets can raise the value of your home and bring those offers in; potential buyers love extra storage space, and with custom closets, that’s what they get!

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  • They help keep the house organized

    When your dad or husband gets home from work, the last thing he wants to deal with is chaos and clutter. When items in the home don’t have a dedicated place to be stored, mayhem can ensue. Custom closet organizers can keep everything under control in every room of the house. Whether you are considering a custom linen closet, a custom coat closet, a master bedroom walk-in closet or even custom kids’ closets, more organization equals less stress for dad, which always a good thing!

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  • They smooth out the morning routine

    Is morning chaotic in your house? With today’s dads contributing to the chores involving getting children ready for the day, they understand what a hassle it can be when young Johnny can’t find his shoes and little Susie simply can’t figure out what she wants to wear. Add to that wrinkled ties that slid off of their hangers and landed in a heap on the floor and a missing shoe, and you’ve got a recipe for a no-good, terrible, bad day! Stop this type of drama in its tracks with custom closets that will keep everyone’s shoes, clothing and accessories at their fingertips, and let the dad of the house relax for a few extra minutes each morning.

As you can see, custom closets are the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving! If you are ready to consider investing in the future of your home and your husband’s or father’s happiness, give us a call to schedule an in-home estimate. There’s no cost or obligation, and we can design your custom closet while you wait, right in the convenience of your home! Your special guy can pick the finishes and accessories he likes, and your family will be enjoying less stress well before the kids go back to school. Even better, Northland is offering 20% off all custom closets for a limited time in honor of Father’s Day. Call today for details!

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