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Super Quick Makeover Tips For Organizing Your Closet in Minnesota

Super Quick Makeover Tips For Organizing Your Closet in Minnesota

Are your closets bulging and overwhelmed with clothing and clutter? Need a solution fast? Essentially a closet overhaul would be ideal; however, as our lives are often busy it can be difficult to find the time to pull everything out, assess them and then re-organize them all. Sometimes all you need to do is re-organize a few sections a time and install some closet storage solutions to get your closet functional again. If you're short on time but want to make a few simple changes then try some of these popular, fast and effective closet organizing tips.

Fast and Effective Closet Organization Tips

Use The Right Hangers

One of the best ways to really maximize your closet storage and gain extra space is by using the right type of hangers for your clothing. There is an entire line of purpose-built hangers available and are designed specifically to maximize space in your closet. Do some quick research and invest in the right hangers.

Combining Like Items Together

Your most worn and favorite items should always be at the front of the closet and grouped with like items. E.G: Slacks should be hung and grouped together; sweaters should be folded, and accessories like scarves, bags and belts should be organized in a similar fashion

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Arrange By Color

You may forget if your sweater is a crew neck or a v-neck, but you will always remember it's green. The same thing with t-shirts, dresses, pants. It makes for quick and easy coordination of outfits, saving you extra time every day.

Separate Your Undergarments

One of the most useful things you can do in a closet is to have a separate basket for your undergarments for things like camisoles, petticoats, and undershirts. That way when you pull out a slightly see-through dress, sheer skirt or sweater, you can easily find the right undergarment.

Use Baskets & Bins For Your Top Shelf

Using basket and bins to safely store your unusual items, sweaters and occasional shoes on your top shelf is not only a great space saver but it makes it easy to retrieve them only when you need to. It’s an effective and painless way to keep these kinds of items organized. They are also great for gym clothes, scarves, hats and even winter socks.

Out Of Season Storage Under Your Bed

Perfect for out of season items, bulky coats, woolen sweaters, thermals and scarves can be stored under your bed in vacuum sealable bags during summer. The same things go for storing your swimsuits, tanks, sarongs and summer clothes, in the winter. Doing this alone will free up a lot more room in your closet.

Own Less Clothing

Yes, we all know how hard it can be to let go of things, however, if you haven't worn something for more than two seasons, it’s time to take action. You have three options: Donate it, give it away, or put it into storage. Remember every item of clothing takes up valuable closet real estate, so make them count!

However if you are serious about closet organization and know it’s well and truly time to do a complete overhaul of your closet, then you need to call in the closet organization experts. Our friends over at Dream Closets AZ have written a great article on how to help you prepare for a closet re-design. 

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