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Closet Organization Ideas for Kids

Closet Organization Ideas for Kids

Have you looked inside your child's custom closet lately and just thrown your hands up in despair at how untidy and disorganized it is? Keeping up with a growing child's clothes and toys might seem like a daunting task, but with a few tips, you can have it whipped into shape in no time.

Here are eight easy steps to get your kids' closets in tip-top shape:

  • Declutter and Purge
  • Hangers are Here to Help
  • Increase Hanging Space
  • Bins, Bins, Bins
  • Arm Yourself with Labels
  • Pegboards and Hooks are Your Friends
  • Think Vertically
  • Conceal The Clutter

Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are still plenty of ways to maneuver through the mess that is your kiddos' closets & actually have them looking more than presentable. Read on to learn more!

Declutter and Purge

As with any cleaning project, you'll first need to de-clutter the area and purge anything that you will not be keeping. Empty the entire closet. Yes, the whole closet! You will want to start fresh. Pitch, or donate anything your child has outgrown. The pros at Premier Closets and Storage Solutions add that this step applies to any closet in your home that needs to be reorganized. For additional closet organization tips, check out 7 Versatile Accessories for Organizing Your Custom Closets.

Hangers are Here to Help

Make the most of your empty space by investing in space-saving, kid-sized hangers. Slimline hangers use less space and allow for more clothes to be hung up. Purchase the velvet kind instead of plastic as then the clothes won't fall off the hangers and onto the floor.

Kids Custom Closet System

Increase Hanging Space

Now that you've got your new hangers, another great investment to help organize your child's closet (s) is putting in double hanging rods. The more independence you can provide your child, the better. Even little ones can begin learning how to coordinate outfits. Plus, it'll be one less stress for you to worry about on busy mornings!

Bins, Bins, Bins

There is nothing better than bins. Plastic or cloth, these containers can store your child's shoes, toys, or stuffed animal collection and keep the mess off the floor to a contained area. Incorporate different colored containers to add some fun to their closet (s). Clear boxes that slide into a small cubbie or dresser also make it easier to see what's inside.

Arm Yourself with Labels

Now that you've bought hangers, a double rod, and more bins than you'll ever need, what's next? Labeling everything! Otherwise, how will you & your child know what's inside each bin or box? Separate the bins into whatever categories you like, from hair accessories to socks, to undershirts.

Kids Custom Closet System

Pegboards and Hooks are Your Friends

For older kiddos, say middle school or high school age, maybe they would like a place to hang accessories (scarves, jewelry, purses, hats)? All you'll need to accomplish this is a pegboard and a couple of spare hooks. Hooks are also great for hanging jackets, coats, and bookbags.

The experts at HGTV suggest this cute idea of using monogrammed letters to spell out your child's name to give it a personalized flair but still keeping functionality in mind.

Think Vertically

If you have a narrow or small closet, it's important to make creative use of the space. Use the lower shelves for your child's favorite clothing and toys, while using the higher shelves for out-of-season clothing or bedding.

Conceal The Clutter

Adding a dresser to your child's closet is a great space saver for storage. You can place it under clothing racks and keep toys and other items in neatly contained bins.


Organizing your child's closet doesn't have to be an overwhelming project. Effective kid's closets include using a lot of bins, hangers, baskets, and shelves. The shelves should be adjustable so they can be changed around as your child grows. Teach your child everything has a place and that way, good housekeeping habits will be ingrained from a young age.