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How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home With Custom Closets

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home With Custom Closets

You may not think that custom closets can add much resale value to your home. After all, your closets are relatively small spaces that are tucked off behind bedrooms. But if you find yourself discounting the value of such a project, you’re probably not aware of all the benefits a custom closet offers.

A well-designed custom closet can not only increase the value of your home during a resale, it can help your home stand out to buyers so you get more offers by:

  • Gives the Illusion of More Space
  • Organizing a Notoriously Cluttered Space
  • Adding a “Wow” Factor
  • Shows Visitors That You Care About Your Home

The luxury feel, ingenius hardware and quality construction of your custom closet will actually help the rest of your house shine, signaling to buyers that your home is worth another look. 

Whether you’re trying to make this space more functional or beautify one of the most underrated areas of your home, find out how a custom closet can increase the value of your home now and when you eventually go to sell it. 

Gives the Illusion of More Space

Chocolate Pear Walk In Closet System

Do you know one of the biggest reasons families decide to buy a new home? Lack of storage space. When you enhance your home with custom closets, you help solve one of the biggest housing issues homeowners face. Messy, disorganized closets, in contrast, may scare away potential buyers who will assume their possessions won’t fit either.

Your custom closet will give you back more storage room by including organizer options that maximize the space you have:

  • Pant racks
  • Drawer and shelf dividers
  • Belt & tie pullouts
  • Closet rods and hooks
  • Shoe Storage
  • Hampers

These hardware items will cut down on your wasted closet space because they’re designed specifically to stow your clothes, shoes and clothing accessories. 

Organize a Notoriously Cluttered Space

Flat Panel Concrete Walk In Closet

A well-designed closet helps you see and reach all your items with minimal effort. That means you know exactly what you own and can quickly get rid of the items you don’t wear anymore. No heaps of clothing cluttering up the back of your closet. No wasting space on items that no longer fit you or went out of style. 

When others see that you can effortlessly access all of your clothes and shoes, they know this is a space that will be easy to keep organized. Plus, potential buyers of your home will see how easy it will be to keep their items protected. Custom closet hardware and storage systems don’t just maximize your space. They also extend the life of items by storing them the way they were intended to be stored.

Add the “Wow” Factor

Shaker Walk In Closet System with White Finish

One of the reasons a stunning walk-in closet blows visitors away is because of how unexpected it is. Most people in your home just won’t expect to see that much care and attention to detail in a space that is not visible to all visitors. As soon as they open that closet door, expecting to see the same disappointing wire shelving and clutter covering the floor, they’ll be amazed by what they find: a stunning organized space accented by luxury fixtures and hardware. 

If potential buyers are looking for a new home, they’ll see plenty of stunning kitchens, spacious bedrooms and luxurious baths. But a professionally designed custom closet? It’s essentially the unicorn of home upgrades. 

Unlike other home extras that benefit the whole family, such as a pool or hot tub, a custom walk-in closet is generally reserved for just the homeowners, or the ones deciding whether to buy. This upgraded space will probably stay in the potential buyer’s mind much longer than nice guest accommodations or a spacious loft. Plus, the homeowner will be using this space every day, making it a highly trafficked area for them that they will constantly appreciate. 

Show Visitors That You Care About Your Home

Raised Panel Walk In Closet System

An organized closet where you invested time and effort to improve does more than just surprise and delight visitors to your home. A custom closet also shows that you take pride in your home in general. During the home sales process, this is invaluable. 

Potential buyers are constantly looking for hints that the home they’re viewing was well cared for. Making the effort to improve these spaces will reassure them that you invested the same time and care in the rest of your home as well. This includes performing preventative maintenance and investing in quality materials that will enhance home functionality. 

What Are Some Popular Custom Closet Features?

Arctic Allegra Custom Closet System

There are some closet design elements that visitors to your home expect. And then there are some that will totally shatter expectations:

Wood and mixed materials:  According to the pros, closet design generally extends from the majors trends seen in kitchens. And one of those trends crossing over to the custom closet are rustic wood elements of the farmhouse chic movement and the use of mixed materials, which pair opposing colors, finishes and grains. 

  • Custom lighting: Homeowners are getting creative with the way they illuminate their closets, and this doesn’t just include overhead lights. LED lighting that highlights specific areas, lights inside cabinets, spotlights and even lighted hardware are all increasingly popular trends.
  • Dressing rooms: Whether that includes incorporating dressing room elements in the custom closet design or taking over a previously unused room, this is a new trend that’s taking hold. Design features include full-length mirrors, seating and more. 
  • Hideaway features: Offering far more than novelty, hideaway features are a smart way to maximize space while still getting all of the design elements you want. Popular hidden hardware options include hanging rods, hampers, and ironing boards.

A recent Houzz article explained that homeowners are generally more willing to take design and stylistic risks in their closets. This is your opportunity to really own the space and imbue it with your personality without much risk. Again, this is a private space that most people won’t see, so you can embrace your creativity. However, if increasing resale value is your biggest concern and you can foresee yourself living elsewhere soon, it is wise to still keep your stylistic decisions fairly universal. 

Should You Invest in Upgrading Your Small Closets?

Small Custom Closet System

By now, it should be obvious you can add significant resale value to your home with a custom walk-in closet. But what about your smaller reach-in closets? 

Not every home has a large walk-in closet waiting to be remodeled. But virtually every home does have smaller storage spaces, such as reach-in closets. When it comes to these closets, it’s arguably more important to make sure they’re well organized because of the limited space. Sure, you may not be able to wow visitors to the same degree, but you can make them just as useful with a variety of options that maximize the space available:

  • Hanging rods on side walls
  • Slide-out baskets and bins 
  • Closet drawers
  • Custom shelves
  • Overhead storage options


Whether you want to stun visitors with a luxury space or reassure them that your home includes the design features that will make it easy to stay organized, custom closets are the perfect way to set your home apart and add value. 



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