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Five Home Office Design Basics

Five Home Office Design Basics

Working from home has gained new meaning and may very well lead the way in years to come, so it is pertinent to set up your home office in a way that promotes productivity while giving you a space that is peaceful, well organized, and streamlined. 

If you are looking into creating a work from home space with a home office upgrade or home office addition, follow the design basics listed below to get the best out of your workspace. 

Home Office Design Basic #1 - Designate a Proper Work Station

Custom Home Office Cabinet System

When first starting out working from home, you may find yourself sitting at the kitchen table or spread out in the dining room. This is a big no-no when it comes to working from home. Choosing a space or room that is meant for work and just work is what you want to do to get your job completed more efficiently. 

First, choose a room that has good lighting and offers privacy. Second, you will want to set up a designated work area, either on a desk of your choice or some sort of table. Having a designated workspace will train your brain to know that when you enter the space and sit down at your workstation, it means it is time to get busy. 

Getting rid of distractions, like televisions, common areas , etc. will help you stay focused and on task, so you can complete your work within an appropriate timeframe. Working from a kitchen table may seem like a great idea at first, but when it comes down to it, costing a space for yourself that is designated for your job, ultimately will increase your efficiency and help you maintain a work-life balance that is necessary to find when bringing your workload home with you. 

Home Office Design Basic #2- Invest in Home Office Organizers and Accessories

Home Office File Cabinet Drawer

A home office should have a storage system that allows you to keep organized, know where your necessary work tools are located, and help you stay clutter-free. Whether you choose to work with a designer or come up with storage solutions on your own - there are many different accessories out there to help keep you organized. According to TheBalanceSMB.com, “Research suggests that messy people are geniuses. However, a messy desk can increase stress, sap energy, and lower productivity.” You can find many accessories that help you stay organized at your local home office store or through a home office design company. Some of the best home office accessories that will keep you organized include:

  • Filing Systems
  • Custom Hutch Designs 
  • Full-Extension Drawers
  • Cups, Baskets, Bins or Dedicated Storage Containers for Office Supplies

Home Office Design Basic #3 - Keep Your Desk or Work Surfaces Clear

Tidy Desk

When designing your home office, keep in mind that you should start and finish each day with a clear desk. Rather than walking into your office in the morning to a pile of bills or paperwork that looks messy and unkempt, make a ritual of cleaning up your space every afternoon before turning off the lights. Clear empty cups or water bottles, file away your loose papers into folders that can be pulled out of filing the next morning. Create a space that feels fresh and pleasant when you open your office doors every morning. This will reduce stress and help you to get right to work, rather than sorting through yesterday’s mess! 

Home Office Design Basic #4 - Choose to Fill Your Home Office With a Handful of Individual Touches

Desk with Personal Items

It is known to many that adding a personalized touch to your workspace, especially something meaningful, can help you get through a tough workday. Whether it is a picture of your family or a handwritten framed letter to yourself regarding your personal goals - including a personalized touch in your home office will make it feel more like your own and create inspiration when you need it most. Business News Daily suggests, “Personalizing your space – in moderation, of course – can increase your emotional connection to your work, but it's important to not let the personal touches become the clutter.” Some great suggestions for personalizing your workspace include:

  • Vision Boards of Your Future Goals
  • A Plant to Brighten the Room and Circulate Fresh Air 
  • Framed Photographs or Memories
  • A Favorite Quote for Motivation on a Small Sign

Home Office Design Basic #5 - Choose Your Colors Wisely and Create a Calming, Yet Uplifting Environment 

Neutral Home Office Color

Colors and lighting is everything when it comes to your overall productivity. Choosing too dark of a color and setting your home office up in a space with very little light, will offer you more of a cave than a creative workspace. On the other hand, choosing a color that is overly bright and harsh on the eyes, can lead to distractions and headaches. ElleDecor.com reports that the top office colors for productivity and creativity include:

  • Pale Greens 
  • Dark Blues for Trim or Accent Walls
  • Pale Greys 
  • Off Whites 

Final Thoughts

Designing a home office may seem like a daunting task, but it truly can be an enjoyable experience. Follow the above basic design tricks and you will find yourself navigating through home office design easily in no time at all. Remember, the most important thing about your home office is that you keep it clutter-free and organized while providing yourself with a comfortable space that you can get creative in, maintain productivity and enjoy the look of!


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