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Eight Valuable Benefits of Wood & Melamine Built Closets

Eight Valuable Benefits of Wood & Melamine Built Closets

When clutter starts taking over your home, custom closets are the perfect solution to your organizational and storage challenges. They enable you to leverage all the space available in your home.

After you decide to install custom closet systems, you have a crucial question to answer - what material should you use for the project? Your material choice depends on several factors, including your budget, style, size of space, features, utilization, and personal style.

While there are several different materials for constructing customs closets, wood and melamine are the most popular due to their durability. In fact, according to Closets & Organized Storage magazine, most custom closet systems built in 2020 were either made of melamine or solid wood.

The article below outlines the benefits of both wood and melamine built closets, to help you choose the right material.


Melamine Custom Closet System

Melamine, also known as thermally fused laminate, is an “ultra-thin” layer of paper melded to particleboard. The thermal heat process creates a hard resin coating similar to plastic. To create the different colors and textures, HGTV.com explains that the paper is soaked in color or pattern before it fuses to the particleboard.

Benefits of using melamine include:

Heat Resistance

The thermally fused laminate coatings tolerate high temperatures without warping, fading, or cracking.


Melamine provides a smooth, consistent and durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Because melamine can withstand heavy usage, melamine is ideal for custom closets with drawers and cabinets. The hardened resin outer layer protects against scratches, dents, and chipping. 

Protects Against Moisture

The thermally fused laminate is waterproof and not affected by humidity. Melamine endures in any type of climate and any location of your home (i.e., next to the bathroom or other rooms with high humidity).


Melamine is available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. If you add components to your custom closet in the future, matching the color is simple. 

Accessories such as shoe racks or folding stations fit seamlessly into your melamine storage system.


The particleboard under the melamine is produced with recycled materials that are both sustainable and renewable. Despite being made from organic chemical compounds, melamine is not toxic.

Maximizes Space

Melamine allows you to leverage every inch of space because of the ability to cut it into any shape or dimension. Because melamine is lightweight, you can effortlessly move components around your closets. 


Wood Custom Closet System

Wood is the oldest and most traditional building material. Many people choose wood for its classic and elegant look, especially if their home already has wood trim or wood floors. Because wood is a natural material, each panel may vary slightly because individual trees have specific colors, patterns, and textures. 

Benefits of wood include:


You can use countless wood varieties, including Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Pine, and Oak. Each wood has its own look and feel.  If you want a different color, wood can easily be painted or stained. 


Most woods hold a lot of weight without warping or bending. However, if you need to accommodate bulkier items, hardwoods such as Cherry and Oak are a better choice. Hardwoods tend to be stronger, stable, and more resilient. Softwoods such as Spruce and Fir are lighter and softer than hardwoods.


Selecting the building materials for your custom closets is a crucial decision. Some people enjoy the process of weighing their options. Between wood and melamine, each material has its own set of benefits, but the choice comes down to your preferences, lifestyle, and organizational needs. Consider the factors listed in this article to select the right material for your custom closets.


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