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Eight Basic Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

Eight Basic Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

Having an organized kitchen pantry is key to having kitchen counters that are free of clutter. Sometimes, it isn’t more space that is needed in your pantry, just better organization. With an efficiently organized kitchen pantry, you will know exactly what you have, and what you may need to purchase.

Make items in your kitchen pantry easy-to-locate by practicing these eight helpful tips:

  • Group Like Items Together
  • Employ Sliding Baskets and Open Bins
  • Use Stackable Canning Jars
  • Label All Storage Containers
  • Maximize Space with a Lazy Susan
  • Utilize the Back of Pantry Doors
  • Corral Your Canned Goods
  • Add a Wine Rack

Read on to learn how you can make your kitchen pantry stylish and smart!

Group Like Items Together

One of the first things you should do in organizing your pantry is to group like items together, according to Martha Stewart.com. For example, you could have a section for sweets, cereals, baking supplies, and so on. 

When you keep each food in its own categorized area, this may prevent you from overlooking it and buying it again when you go grocery shopping. Also, foods that are consumed the most should be within easy reach in an open bin, while foods that are used less can be stored on a higher shelf.

Pull Out Pantry Baskets

Employ Sliding Baskets and Open Bins

Now that you have grouped your like items together, use stylish sliding baskets and bins to organize each section. Storing all of your food inside of these containers will keep your pantry looking much neater. For example, having all of your potato chips in one basket will look more organized and stop them from getting crushed at the same time.  

Use Stackable Canning Jars

When it comes to storing your dried food and homemade goods, nothing quite beats old-time clear glass canning jars, according to HGTV.com. Since they have an airtight seal, pantry bugs won’t have a chance to get in. As they are made of glass, they’ll look elegant and you can distinctly see what they contain and neatly stack them up to fit the space you have on your shelves as needed.

Labeled Jars

Label All Storage Containers

Taking the time to label everything in your pantry will be so worth it when you go looking for something later on. It simply makes everything look neater and more uniform. Get creative with how you label your pantry. If you have your own label maker, you can use it to make labels for your containers. If not, here are some free printable pantry labels courtesy of HGTV.com.

Maximize Space with a Lazy Susan

There is a reason people have been using this handy gadget since the 18th century. Unfamiliar with this kitchen helper? A Lazy Susan is essentially a turntable that allows your food items to become more easily accessible to you, and easier to see. 

For the purposes of pantry organization, a two-tiered Lazy Susan will provide you with the most storage space. Utilize the top tier to hold your spices and the bottom tier to house other condiments that might otherwise become misplaced in a sea of larger items.

Coat Hooks

Utilize the Back of Pantry Doors

Better Homes & Gardens suggests that the back of your kitchen pantry doors can be useful for organizing in so many different ways. For example, a vertical, behind-the-door wire organizer can be attached to provide extra storage space for practically anything you need. 

Affix a few hooks for aprons and a clear plastic magazine holder for recyclable grocery bags and you are good to go. The only thing you have to be sure of is that you have enough clearance for the baskets when you close your pantry door.  

Corral Your Canned Goods

Without a pantry organizer, just stacking your canned goods on top of one another doesn’t really allow you to see what you have. A better idea is to use a clear can corral, which instead stores your cans on their side and dispenses them one at a time. Another option is a three-tiered can pedestal to see what goods you have available on multiple levels or tiers.

Wine Rack

Add a Wine Rack

The kitchen pantry is a perfect place to store your wine collection. One or more sliding wire wine racks can be inserted where your wine bottles can be stored horizontally. This keeps you from having to find somewhere else in your kitchen to store your fine libations.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to organizing your kitchen pantry. The main thing to remember is to group each type of food into its own section, and then find an aesthetically pleasing way to store it. Using clear containers and labeling the contents of everything will go a long way in making your kitchen pantry look as neat and organized as it can be.