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3 Ways to Whip Your Hall Closet Into Shape

3 Ways to Whip Your Hall Closet Into Shape

3 Ways to Whip Your Hall Closet Into Shape!

Do you ever open your hall closet and fear that an avalanche of coats, holiday ornaments and other assorted items might fall on your head? You’re not alone: Many homeowners struggle with keeping their closets neat and tidy. Rather than being a character flaw, however, disorganization is usually just a matter of not having enough room for all of your belongings. Sound familiar? 

Use Overhead Storage Helps

You probably have a shelf over the clothing rod in your hall closet. If you’re like many, you stack that shelf as much as you can with board games, scarves, extra backpacks...the possibilities here are endless. Unfortunately, when items are stacked precariously, they’re likely to come crashing down at the most inopportune times.

Get yourself a step-stool and take down everything you have balanced on that shelf. You might find that some items are easy for you to get rid of, which might solve your problem!

Gather some bins or baskets to hold the items that are left. Not only does this keep them from toppling down and giving you a concussion, but it will also help them look neater. A pile of hats and gloves looks messy, but if they’re in a cute basket or a large hat box, you won’t even have to look at them during the warmer months.

Use Your Wall Space

Chances are good that you aren’t using all of the vertical space in your hall closet. Installing hooks on each wall can allow you to hang handbags, umbrellas, or even a bag for hair accessories, if you tend to put your hair up as you walk out the door.

If your closet is wide enough, you might even consider putting up a set of shallow shelves. On these shelves, you could put baskets to hold keys, your wallet or your cellphone once it’s charged for the next day.

Don’t forget the space on the back side of your door, either. A bulletin board could go here; tack up the kids’ permission slips, your calendar, the grocery list, or anything else that will help keep you on track.

Declutter and Minimize

Finally, go through all of those jackets, shawls and coats. Do you really need all of them? If you have items that you’re not using anymore, take them out of the closet and donate them to someone who will get some use out of them. You can help someone else while helping yourself!

Take a look at your shoes, too. If you have a pile that’s knee-deep, you need a better solution. Choose a few pairs for each family member, and put the rest in the bedroom closets. There’s no need to have sandals in your hall closet in January or snow boots in July!

We can design, build and install a reach-in closet organization system for this area of your home. You might be astounded at how much you’ll be able to fit in your small closet! Your consultation is free, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

If you are having trouble keeping your hall closet under control, give us a call.